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So Many Neighbourhoods to Choose From!

Where we choose to live has a huge impact on our everyday life. Montreal, with its myriad colourful neigbourhoods, is a fabulous place to live. Each neighbourhood, rich with its own history and cultural evolution, has something different to offer, from large, restful green spaces and waterfronts, to vibrant city nighlife and fabulous restaurants, to everything in between.

The Plateau Mont-Royal - Unique Architecture & European Flair


mariepauleREALTOR 20181127 Colourful Row Houses Le Plateau

Absolutely charming, colourful row houses in the Plateau, look even prettier under the first snow of the season.

mariepauleREALTOR 20181127 Greystone with original stained glass

A beautiful, lovingly-preserved greystone, with its original leaded, stained-glass windows.

Colourful houses in the Plateau - Square St-Louis

The great dames of charming Square Saint-Louis in the Plateau, a salute to the Victorian era.

Bistro-Pub Le Saint-Houblon can be seen on the right on Saint-Denis St. (photo by Marie Paule Lancup©2015)
More than 300 dynamic storekeepers and creators are present on Saint-Denis Street. It is always bustling with activity, especially in the summer when pleasant sidewalk terrasses are set up along the street.(Photo by Marie Paule Lancup©2015)


Your Lifestyle / Your Neighbourhood

Your lifestyle is as important as the ideal features that you are looking for in a new home. Montreal is a large city offering an important diversity of places to live, and so choosing the neighbourhoods that will be suited to your particular lifestyle is essential when you are searching for a new home. 
Le Projet de Boules Roses, also comically known as “Pink Balls”, by Montreal landscape architect Claude Cormier. Photo by Marie Paule Lancup©2015
Lively bistros, restaurants, and boutiques line St. Catherine Street E. under a 1 km stretch of 200,000 pink balls, a colourful and impressive artwork in Montreal’s Gay Village known as Le Projet Boules Roses or "Pink Balls". Designed by Montreal landscape architect Claude Cormier, it is an annual summertime installation suspended over this stretch of St. Catherine which is then reserved for pedestrians.(Photo by Marie Paule Lancup©2015)
Considerations such as local schools, amenities, transportation, traffic, crime rates, weather, and the surrounding community are all key aspects of selecting the ideal home and location for you and your family.
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