2014 Sacred Heart School Fundraiser

My "niece", Mieke Cullen, is an alumni of Sacred Heart School of Montreal. She asked if I could contribute something to her former school's annual Christmas Fair, which raises funds to assist young women in need of education. And since one of my passions is baking, she'd asked if I might be able to contribute something sweet.

I baked and decorated five dozen cupcakes in all over two days (I kept a dozen for my family who might otherwise been a touch upset!) It was actually a pleasure since I do love baking (and I get to lick the bowl!)

These are some of the two dozen Vanilla Butter Cupcakes I made and decorated with my Austrian Caramel Buttercream, all for a good cause :-) I also prepared three dozen Deep Dark Chocolate Cupcakes and decorated them with the same type of buttercream (I made the cupcakes one day, made the buttercream and decorated them the next day).

Marie Paule"s Vanilla Butter Cupcakes with Austrian Caramel Buttercream

Marie Paule's Deep Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Austrian Caramel Buttercream

... and since I had to make 5 litres of Austrian Caramel Buttercream (you first have to preapre the caramel and let that cool), thank goodness for my KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer (I could not live without it!). And yes, there are several kilos of butter in all this - but then it's only a small amout as long as you only have one! 

 My indispensible KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer!

I was delighted to have the time and made over three dozen cupcakes to donate to the event!

Here are some more photos that I took at the event:

My cupcakes on sale at the 2014 Sacred Heart School Christmas Fair:

One of Mieke's Alumni holding a platter of my cupcakes at the 2014 Sacred Heart School Christmas Fair.


Sacred Heart School of Montreal

Located at the intersections of Doctor-Penfield and Atwater Avenue, the institution was founded in 1800 by Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat

"From its inception, the Society of the Sacred Heart opened its doors to any girl, regardless of circumstance, who desired a Sacred Heart education. Moreover, unlike most advocates of girls’ education in the early nineteenth century, Sophie did not see her mission solely in terms of preparing young women either to be good wives and mothers or to enter a religious congregation. Her schools were rooted in a much broader vision: to deliver an education that would inspire young women to be agents of social transformation in their own times. Today, our school prides itself on its commitment to social justice and empowering young women to take their place in an ever-changing world." (source: http://www.sacredheart.qc.ca/school-history/)