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~°• Thank You ★ Merci •°~ 

Merci, Émile, de m'avoir fait confiance et de m'avoir permis de t'assister avec l'achat de ton premier condo 🥂🎉  

Émile, un premier acheteur, a dû surmonter la pandémie, une perte d'emploi, la surenchère, et la hausse des taux avant de pouvoir réaliser son rêve ! Mais sa persévérance et sa détermination furent les vainqueurs!

Huge congratulations and thanks to my Client Émile for acquiring this beautiful 2-bedroom condo with private parking 🥂 After a long and arduous 4-year search filled with challenges that included the pandemic, a job loss, bidding wars, and rising interest rates, Emile's unwavering determination and perseverance ultimately paid off! I'm so grateful for having been able to assist you through this challenging journey and the accomplishment of this significant milestone in your life, Émile!

Si vous songez Acheter ou Vendre, n'hésitez pas à me contacter aujourd'hui!

Marie Paule 

20230407  Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate INC -4-2710 Ave. Jeanne-d'Arc MONTREAL - Testimonial - Témoignage


~•□•~ Thank You for Your Trust ~•□•~

My American clients had originally wanted a 2bed, 2bath condo with garage and close to a park in the Plateau... but with a 45 lb dog the choice was even more limited!

I suggested a few other areas where we might have more luck, and the moment they walked into this beautiful condo on Île-des-Soeurs with breathtaking views of the St-Lawrence , they knew it was for them 💗

Thank you so much, Shawn and Gilles, for trusting me with finding the perfect second home for you and Teddy (their beloved pet). You can now spend more time with your family here in Montreal.

Contact me for more information, or to Buy, Sell, or Invest!

20221102  Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate INC -5b-120 Rue Ferland MONTREAL - Testimonial - Témoignage



Un énorme merci à mon Client, Gilles, pour ce beau témoignage ☆☆☆

Vendre sa maison avec son beau jardin rempli de fleurs, après y avoir habité plus de 30 ans et dans laquelle on a vu grandir ses enfants, est un évènement très émotionnel. Je dois également remercier Sébastien (fils de Gilles) et sa femme Isabelle, qui m'ont si chaleureusement recommandé pour la vente cette jolie maison familiale.

Si vous songez Acheter ou Vendre, n'hésitez pas à me contacter aujourd'hui!

Marie Paule 

20220506 Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate Inc - 1881 rue Jean-Leduc Montreal (P.A.T) - Témoignage -Testimonial



Un énorme merci à mon Client, Félix, pour cette troisième transaction avec, cette fois-ci, sa conjointe, Danya, ainsi que pour leur beau témoignage ☆☆☆

J’ai acheté ce condo penthouse pour mes clients, Félix et Danya, alors que les offres multiples et la flambée des prix de l’immobilier régnaient encore à Montréal. D’autres obstacles continuaient de surgir, tels qu’un manque total de documents de condo et un changement de direction externe du syndicat de condos une fois que l’offre avait été acceptée conditionnellement.

Cependant, la persévérance, un travail d’enquête acharné pour trouver toutes les informations vitales nécessaires afin de permettre à mes clients de prendre une décision éclairée, ainsi que des négociations serrées et beaucoup de patience ont porté fruit!

Merci beaucoup, cher Félix, de m’avoir fait confiance une fois de plus! Ce fut un plaisir pour moi de vous aider, toi et Danya, à acheter votre première demeure de rêve!

Si vous songez Acheter ou Vendre, n'hésitez pas à me contacter aujourd'hui!

Marie Paule 

20220815  Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate INC - 4904-5150 Rue Buchan - Testimonial - Témoignage



Un énorme merci à mon Client, Gilles, pour ce beau témoignage ☆☆☆

Vendre sa maison avec son beau jardin rempli de fleurs, après y avoir habité plus de 30 ans et dans laquelle on a vu grandir ses enfants, est un évènement très émotionnel. Je dois également remercier Sébastien (fils de Gilles) et sa femme Isabelle, qui m'ont si chaleureusement recommandé pour la vente cette jolie maison familiale.

Si vous songez Acheter ou Vendre, n'hésitez pas à me contacter aujourd'hui!

Marie Paule 

20220506 Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate Inc - 1881 rue Jean-Leduc Montreal (P.A.T) - Témoignage -Testimonial


~•♦• Exceeded Expectations •♦•~

Huge thanks to my US clients, Andrea and Geoffrey, for their beautiful testimonial ⭐️💙⭐️

Andrea and Geoffrey who live in New Orleans and found me online, contacted me from the US about buying a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom property close to McGill University, for their daughter. They had never purchased a property in Quebec before, and we did the entire process online except for signing the Deed of Sale. Their daughter, already in Montréal, visited with me.

We quickly found the perfect property, which unfortunately was in negotiation for an offer - however, the offer fell through. Having clearly explained the purchase process and current Montreal market to my Clients in advance, and also thanks to my preferred mortgage broker, we were able to swiftly put in an excellent offer and secure the condo.

Both my Clients and the Seller are delighted!

20220223  Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate INC  301-1625 Clark  - Testimonial - Témoignage


~°.♦.•~ Huge Thanks ~•.♦.°~

Receiving a great testimonial like this one on a cold winter morning is what makes my job as a Realtor so enriching and worthwhile💗

Thank you so much, dear N., for putting your trust in me to assist you in finding your Dream Home 🏡

When my client described her perfect home ☀️🏡 (on the Plateau, top floor, generous fenestration, large sunny terrace, 3 bedrooms, and beautifully preserved character) I knew it would be a challenge, particularly in such a tight Seller's market, since these rare finds are always in very high demand 💸⚖⌛ The other challenge was that buying a heritage property is quite different from buying a relatively recent property, and this was a major learning curve for N. (as it is for anyone not familiar with older properties!) ... But through excellent collaboration, we achieved a great outcome for all🥂💯

20220110  Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate INC  4412 DeLorimier  - Testimonial - Témoignage


=☆= Beyond Glad and Beyond Grateful =☆=

I'm so pleased to have been able to make my client's project come through so quickly!

It was a very long day of travelling to and from Ottawa, numerous visits, and having to review the terms and finalize an offer "all on the same day" for Yves, a young civil engineer who is finishing his engineering degree at UofOttawa and embarking on a new career in Montreal in the new year! 🏎🔦🏃‍♂️🏡⌛️📑 Combined to the fact that it was a multiple offer situation and a first for him - quite an eventful day, but the next morning we received notification that our offer had won🥂

20211129 Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate Inc - 2-440 De La Gauchetière E - Testimonial


~~♤ Strong Relationships Build Success ♤~~
My client, Pascal, decided to move from Paris to Montréal for a few years ✈

💎 The perfect executive position having opened up, the large international corporation for which he works assigned a Montreal relocation company to assist him ... ⏳⌛⌛Several months into the exercise with no results, and having now arrived in Montréal 🛩🧳📦 he finally decided to call me, his trusted Realtor, for help🧯

🏅We found the perfect, elegant and spacious, 3-bedroom apartment, with large rooms, garage and beautiful views, within a week!

🎉 Why did I succeed where the relocation company failed? Because I take the time to know my clients well, to know what they love and the deal breakers ♠️

20211104 Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate Inc - 353 Willowdale OUTREMONT- Testimonial


•☆♦☆• Delighted •☆♦☆•

Working with past clients is always a pleasure! ⭐ Thanks so much for your trust over these past few years, Kunal! I truly appreciate it⭐

20220228  Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate INC  2-4937 Ontario E  - Testimonial - Témoignage


~°.♡•~ Huge Thanks ~•♡.°~

"We were thrilled to have Marie Paule Lancup as our Realtor when I was trying to find a safe condominium to rent in Montreal as I was moving from Toronto. She was a referral from a colleague of mine and came with high praise.

Marie-Paule and I instantly connected virtually during this pandemic. She really got to know me as a person, my lifestyle and preferences for condo living. She responded very quickly to every email, text and phone call, gave me great advice on which areas to live that were safe, and gave a solid offer in a matter of days after showing me and my partner a few places to our liking in Montreal over a weekend. It is a beautiful place and I could not be happier.

She works VERY hard for her clients and best of all, gets results! You won’t go wrong with Marie Paule as your Realtor!”

Dr. Ananya B.

20210820 Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate Inc - 307-112 Ch de la Pointe Nord- Testimonial


•☆♦☆• Double Delight •☆♦☆•

Much of my business comes from clients, past clients, and friends. I want you to know how grateful I am 💙 You are the reason I do this crazy work that keeps me busy every day of the week.  Seeing your happiness once the transaction is a success is what fuels my passion⭐

WHAT'S even BETTER is being able to match two of my clients in a transaction as was the case here ⭐🔥⭐

20210604  Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate INC  606-71 Duke St - Testimonial


"Marie Paule was very helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant."

Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate Inc - 5368 Av de l'Esplanade MONTREAL (Le Plateau - Mile-End) - SOLD - VENDU

Michael S.

"I don't believe in perfection, but Marie Paule is as close as I've found. I can't think of anything that she could do that would improve on how she has handled my real estate project."

Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate Inc - 3470 Rue Durocher, apt. 201 MONTREAL (LE PLATEAU) - SALE & PURCHASE - VENTE & ACHAT

Paul H. (NY, USA)

"Professionnelle, compétente, disponible, réactive, sympathique et efficace. Merci Marie-Paule! Votre travail et votre implication étaient remarquables et ce jusqu'à la finalisation de la vente. Je ne peux que vivement vous recommander à toute personne souhaitant acquérir ou vendre un bien!"

"Professional, competent, available, responsive, friendly, and efficient. Thank you, Marie-Paule! Your work and your involvement were remarkable until the finalization of the sale. I can only strongly recommend your services to anyone wishing to acquire or sell a property!"

Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate Inc - 5459 Cr. Plamondon SAINT-LAMBERT - VENDUE - SOLD

Sébastien M. 

"Marie Paule Lancup is wonderful! I could not have rented my Condo during these COVID conditions without her. She is genuinely wonderful as well!"

Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate Inc - 3489 Durocher MONTREAL (LE PLATEAU) Leased - Loué

Edaruth H. (NY, USA)

"Sur recommandation d'un ami de Montréal ayant des propos très favorables concernant les services professionnels et le succès de Marie Paule Lancup, j'ai donc tenté ma chance de l'intéresser à vendre ma propriété de l'Isle aux Coudres et Mme Lancup a accepté étant assuré de toute ma collaboration vue la distance. 

20201126 Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate Inc - 2064-2066 Ch des Coudriers SOLD - VENDU

L'expérience d'affaires en France, en Angleterre et au Québec en font une personne ouverte et avisée; son pouvoir de conviction, son honnêteté, sa minutie et sa force de travail en font une alliée précieuse pour vendre une propriété de qualité dans des lieux privilégiés comme l'est ma propriété. Le marché est une référence mais la valeur intrinsèque relative doit être mise en valeur compte tenue de plusieurs facteurs et non seulement de comparables lieux, grandeurs, taxes municipales et du genre; le doigté requis pour mettre en valeur ces caractéristiques dépasse les savants calculs d'usage et, Mme Lancup est sensible à ces éléments et sait les faire comprendre par les acheteurs potentiels. Nous nous sommes entendus sur une telle approche et nous avons conclus une vente dont le prix n'a d'égal que la qualité relative de l'immeuble vendu; cela demande de la patience, de la compréhension et un pouvoir de persuasion basé sur des faits pour intéresser la personne qui PEUT acheter et sait en apprécier la QUALITÉ, ce qui n'est pas foule.

Bref, nous sommes heureux d'avoir travaillé avec Mme Lancup et l'acheteure sera satisfaite bien au delà de l'achat. Marie Paule Lancup est une professionnelle que nous recommandons sans réserve aucune."

Nicole T. & Richard G. (Isle-aux-Coudres, Charlevoix)

"Marie-Paule Lancup was absolutely wonderful!  As a US realtor, I could not have asked for a better Canadian realtor.

I truly was lucky to have found Marie. She guided me every step of the way (as this was my first experience buying out of the US). Without her, I probably wouldn’t have purchased a home in Quebec.  Marie is extremely knowledgeable about everything involved in a foreign Buyer sale. I would highly recommend her. She is a A+ realtor, who was able to put my mind at ease and was available to take my calls every time I had a question.

Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate Inc - 2064-2066 Ch des Coudriers SOLD for asking price- VENDU au prix demandé

She is extremely patient. Because of the pandemic, Marie was literally my “eyes” in the transaction, as I cannot cross the border due to Covid-19. I found her to be trustworthy and fair, as she also represented the Seller in this transaction. I cannot thank her enough for literally getting this transaction to close. Hopefully, once I arrive at my new home, I will get to meet her personally. I could not be happier with this transaction and with Marie’s service to me as a buyer."

Corine Anne T. (Pennsylvania, USA)

"Je suis de nature exigeant et aime le sens du détail, voire de la perfection. Mais je dois dire que Mme Lancup offre une perfection de service, y compris dans mon cas particulier de Français basé à Paris pour qui il a fallu assurer une gestion 100% à distance.  Pourtant, tout le processus s'est fait de manière très fluide, et avec un équilibre entre action/service et information/culture canadienne.  J'ai d'ailleurs souri lorsque la banque m'a fait une remarque sur ma très bonne connaissance du processus d'achat au Canada. :-)  Bref, je recommande pleinement Marie Paule et je vais lui confier la suite des événements avec la gestion locative de l'appartement.

Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate Inc -1-1570 Rue Beaudry-Bought-Acheté

Thank you so much Marie Paule for enabling this to happen. Your endurance and constant advice contributed a lot. Neither the long distance nor the remote working, nor the Covid pandemic stopped us. Looking forward to get the keys and to drinking French champagne."

Pascal David Philippe R. (Paris, France)

"Marie Paule gave me great advice about what I did--and didn't--need to do to get my condo ready to sell. She set the price well, staged the condo beautifully and had great photos taken. This excellent presentation helped me get a price that was far beyond my expectations."

Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate Inc - 201-4344 Garnier SOLD over asking

Sue M.

"I have never before met a real estate broker who takes care of clients from their heart. Marie is a super amazing and kind person. She gave me great advice and assisted me through the whole process of finding the right condo for me. She is the perfect example of a one-stop solution for buying real estate. 

Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate Inc - 2-4937 Rue Ontario E Montreal - PURCHASED - ACHETÉ

I am looking forward to working with her in building my real estate portfolio in Quebec."

Kunal G.

"As a first time home-buyer, working with Marie Paule has been a great pleasure. Her experience and knowledge were incredibly helpful in guiding me through the process of buying real estate. I've learned a lot from her and with her help I was able to find the perfect condo. I look forward to working with Marie Paule again in the future."

Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate Inc - 1070 Rue St-Timothée PURCHASED - ACHETÉ

Aleksa D. (Ontario)

"Marie Paule was incredibly helpful, resourceful, and attentive. I had to find a new home while living outside of Quebec and Marie Paule made it easy to do the whole process remotely. I highly recommend her services!"

Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate Inc - 706-1239 Drummond LEASED - LOUÉ

Lindsay M. (Michigan, USA)

"Marie-Paule nous a accompagnés, à travers la crise du COVID, aux quatre coins de la Montérégie et des Cantons de l'Est, jusqu'à nous dénicher notre maison de rêve. Toujours disponible et à l'écoute. Nous serons très heureux de la recommander à tous nos amis et ferons appel à ses services à nouveau, si jamais nous venait la folle idée de quitter notre nouveau coin de paradis !"

Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate Inc - 55 Ch Stevens Stanstead E - BOUGHT - ACHETÉ

Viviane H.

"Marie-Paule nous a séduits par sa gentillesse, son avenance et son niveau de compétence. Aujourd'hui, nous n'envisagerions pas de faire une transaction sans son soutien. Elle a su nous démontrer, lors du processus de vente et d'achat, qu'elle pouvait nous prodiguer des conseils avisés pour protéger nos intérêts tout en étant réaliste sur l'état du marché actuel, et équitable des deux côtés de la transaction."

Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate Inc - 37 Rue St-Paul OTTERBURN PK - SOLD - VENDU

Thomas P.

"Marie Paule's expertise is clear. She is extremely knowledgeable and generously shares information to help clients make informed decisions. She adds personal touches, is friendly & gets to know her clients to help them find what they need. Accessible and open to exploring different areas of the city to satisfy client objectives. Highly recommended."

Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate Inc - 1445 Rue Cherrier STE-CATHERINE - PURCHASED - ACHETÉ

Chloe B.

"Whenever you’re making an important decision in life, you want to work with the best and that’s what you get when you work with Marie Paule. She helped me navigate the Seller’s market that we are living in right now and helped me find the right place. She’s professional, knowledgable, patient, proactive and devoted to her clients. It’s clear that she loves what she does and that makes all the difference. You can't go wrong by choosing Marie Paule!"

Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate Inc - 202-6411 20e av Rosemont - RURCHASED - ACHETÉ

Nadia P.

"Nous avons beaucoup apprécié notre expérience immobilière avec Marie-Paule. Elle est très compétente et pratique sa profession avec passion. Elle est une femme intègre, respectueuse, à l’écoute, toujours disponible, et très efficace. Elle a su avec sa grande expérience et toute sa délicatesse faciliter la transaction pour le meilleur, à la satisfaction de tous. Nous étions en pleine confiance, nous sommes enchantés d’avoir fait sa connaissance. Elle nous a été référée et nous n’hésiterons pas un instant à la référer à notre tour. Merci Marie-Paule."

Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate Inc -1255 Ch de Touraine STE-JULIE -SOLD-VENDU

Reine I. et Richard M.

"Mme Lancup a dépassé nos attentes. Son professionnalisme est à souligner. Ses services nous avaient été recommandés et nous serons ravis de la recommander à notre tour. C'est une femme d'une grande sensibilité et une travailleuse acharnée, efficace et fiable. Faire affaire avec elle, c'est une satisfaction garantie!"

Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate Inc -  402-20e Av Rosemont - VENDU-SOLD

Claire et Pierre A.

"Marie Paule est très professionnelle. Elle a très bien préparé tous les documents autant pour l'achat que pour la vente. Elle suit ses clients de très près et était toujours disponible pour nous."

Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate Inc - 101-3120 Jean-Paul-Lemieux LONGUEUIL Parcours du Cerf -BOUGHT - ACHETÉ


Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate Inc - 233 Gauvin REPENTIGNY - SOLD VENDU

Loraine T. et André R.

"Marie Paule made what could've been a very stressful situation as smooth as it could be, even during more difficult moments in negotiation. Five stars. :-)"

Marie Paule Lancup Real Estate Inc - 2679 Wellington St VERDUN - PURCHASED - ACHETÉ

Raymond Edward B. and Elizabeth Ruth H.

"Marie Paule excelle dans son domaine. Elle fut une aide précieuse dans l'acquisition de notre duplex et nous a donné de judicieux conseils. Elle est professionnelle, efficace et toujours disponible. Je recommande fortement Marie Paule comme courtier immobilier."

Anne-Marie A. et Mathieu S.-S.

"Marie Paule is a true expert in her field. She is honest and forthright. It is not always about the sale. She cares about selling the right home to the right person."

Shauna D. (Kensington, Ontario)

"Une qualité d'écoute, de conseil, et de suivi exceptionnelle."

Pierre B.

"Marie Paule Lancup is a highly respected and dedicated professional in our community. She has the utmost integrity and knowledge in the real estate market and I highly recommend her if you're looking to buy OR sell. You will be completely satisfied!"

Joel N.

"Marie has been amazing with her help in catering to all my needs for a home. She was in touch with me for over 1 year, never loosing her laughter and determination to find me a property that fit my every need. She responded to every email immediately and I was able to rely on her fully and know that she would always respond back within the same day. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to sell or buy a property, she is super dedicated and knows the ins and outs of everything you will need. Do not hesitate to work with her, you will reap the fruits of her dedication and skills."

Rana Z. and Ahmed N.

"WoW Super service de la part de Marie-Paule. C'était pour l'achat de ma première maison. Je pensais que le processus serait compliqué et ardu!! Nous avons réglé le tout en 1 semaine!! Elle est disponible 24/24, 7 jours par semaine. Très sympathique et à l écoute de mes préoccupations et de mes inquiétudes. Un service au-delà de toutes mes attentes. :-)  Merci encore!"

~ Marie-Hélène B.

"Marie Paule Lancup was very helpful, and spent a lot of time with us, aiding us in understanding documents. The home inspector she recommended was excellent, and saved us a lot of money; as a result, she was able to have the Seller do some essential repairs. Marie Paule was also a good coordinator between the Seller and his agent."

Peter S. and Norreen R.

"Marie Lancup always made herself available at all times & answered all questions put to her no matter the complexity in a clear & concise matter. She proved herself knowledgeable & courteous & my wife & I would not hesitate to recommend her to other prospective clients."

Peter N. and Claire N.

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Marie-Paule as a real estate broker for anyone searching for the ideal home for their unique situation. I’ve been working with her for more than five years now and she recently handled my daughter’s first home purchase. She’s very professional, experienced, attentive and proactive. Whether you want to buy, sell or rent, I can assure you that you will be completely satisfied."

 Brian B.

"Mme LANCUP est une personne très sérieuse, rigoureuse. Elle ne laisse rien au hasard et s'assure que tout sera fait dans les règles de l'art. Elle a une éthique professionnelle certaine et c'est une personne très compétente."

Marilyn T. (Bordeau, France)

"Travaille lmpeccable, attentive a nos besoins en tout temps".

 André Shirley M.

"Vous avez déjà vendu une propriété et vous devez revivre cette expérience? Faîtes appel à Marie Paule Lancup! Vendre ou acheter une propriété n’aura plus jamais la même définition! Marie Paule a un savoir-faire qui ira au-delà de toutes vos attentes. Elle est passionnée, expérimentée et dans notre vie survoltée, Marie Paule vous surprendra avec toutes ses petites attentions spéciales pour vendre ou acheter votre propriété. Oui, juste pour vous! Comme si le temps s’arrêtait… Un DIAMANT dans l’univers de l’immobilier!"

 Anne-Marie L.

"Definitely Marie Paule Lancup is the kind of real estate broker you would want for any real estate investment or sale that you plan to do. She is clever, knows the market very well and she is passionate and dedicated to her work."

Andina W.

"Excellent service! Marie Paule était toujours disponible pour nous rencontrer ou pour répondre à nos questions. Je la recommande à 100%."

Pierre-Olivier R. et Maryse L.

"Reputation is important but so are results. For best resultS Marie-Paule is the only one!"

Marc-André B.

"You want to always work with the best!! I am writing to recommend Marie Paule for outstanding work helping our family finding a home in Montreal. I was particularly impressed by Marie Paul’s ability to interpret and understand her client needs effortlessly, that skill often takes years to develop among customer service professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her. We are a young family who moved to Montreal with limited local capabilities in terms of locations and language, she did a fabulous job guiding us with her expert knowledge and navigating our way through. She is both hardworking and patient with her clients and is always fun and a pleasure to work with. Her pleasant and positive attitude can make nearly any work seem fun and interesting. I know you will make an excellent decision working with her!!"

Ashwinth M. R. and Christina X.-D. (Calgary, Alberta)

"Marie was the best thing that could have happened to me in my search for a condo in Montreal. She was friendly, patient and helpful from the beginning (I'd reached out to four realtors; two responded and only Marie followed up after the initial contact). After that, it was smooth sailing. She took note of what my wife and I were looking for and quickly began putting together lists of properties that we could view virtually from our primary home in the US. Marie really knows Montreal and her knowledge of the various neighborhoods is extremely valuable for anyone not familiar with the city but looking to create a home here (and those who don't speak French very well). If you're short on time and looking for a great agent who can narrow down a list to suit your needs (as well as organize visits with building managers etc.), then Marie is a great choice. Merci!"

Cheril C. (New Jersey, USA)

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