Special Via Capital Protections for Home Owners & Home Buyers




Exclusive to Via Capitale, this protection is offered free of charge to BUYERS by participating brokers.

If the plumbing, electricity, heating or appliances included in the sale malfunction or breakdown in the first 12 months following the sale, possibility of refunds of up to $1,000 per claim (certain conditions apply).


Reassuring Protection for both the new owner and the seller!

For the buyer: the assurance that the appliances included in the transaction are protected.

For the seller: the assurance that this protection on the assets included in the transaction will avoid potential complaints by the buyers.

This protection also provides access to a free legal assistance service.

NOTE: Certain restrictions apply.



Exclusive to Via Capitale, this protection is offered free of charge to HOMEOWNERS by participating brokers.

It protects the seller against failure by promisor-buyers to conclude the sale. Once all the conditions of the promise to purchase are met, except for the signing of the deed of sale, in the event that the promisor-buyers are late following up on or withdraw from the promise to purchase, the eligible beneficiaries will be reimbursed for reasonable losses, disbursements and temporary living expenses.

This protection also gives access to a free legal assistance service. 

NOTE: Certain restrictions apply.



In case of loss of employment or death, in the first 12 months of your acquisition, get reimbursed for up to a maximum of $25,000 in mortgage payments. Even monthly condominium fees are covered! Ask your broker or check out their page on our website.

NOTE: Certain restrictions apply.



Because your broker participates in Homebuyer Protection or in Homeowner Protection, you automatically benefit from free legal assistance for questions on: family, work, civil liability, bankruptcy, wills and estates, business, corporate, real estate, small claims, consumer protection, neighbourhood disputes, housing, municipal, health, travel.

  • Free Assistance for 12 months
  • No time limit on calls
  • No call limit
  • Confidential and bilingual service
  • Call returned by a lawyer within 48 hours.

Legal information is provided by phone, by lawyers working for National Bank insurance.